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Pandemic Perspective – Part 127 Trust in His unfailing love

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Psalms 143:8-10

8 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for I give myself to you 9 Rescue me from my enemies, O Lord, I run to you to hide me 10 Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.

Many of us hold back from trusting God because of our current view of Him which is often based on our past and our parents. So in order to trust we have to break from our past and for that we need a fresh view. Today I would ask that you would pray for a fresh start, that you would be willing to throw off everything that has hindered your view of God in the past. Psalm 143:8-10 is a great way to get a fresh view of who God is and what His desire is for you. My prayer for you today is that you see God for who He is, not only powerful and awesome, but the God who desires to love you and protect you.

The first truth we see about God is His unfailing love for us. Unfailing means inexhaustible and endless which is hard for us to grasp when most of us are used to performance based, conditional love. In order for us to accept and respond to His love we need to trust Him. Some of you, like me, have blamed God for bad things that have happened in your life. The last thing we want to do is get hurt again so we stop trusting the promises of God saying “God I trusted you before and look at where it got me”. When we believe that someone has treated us badly it is tough to get the trust back. Our love for God is conditional so we believe His will be as well but God has an inexhaustible and endless love for us. Sometimes because of His love He allows things to happen so that our faith will increase and often we don’t process this as love. 

Unconditional, inexhaustible and endless love is what we say we want and what many of us have been searching for only to experience broken relationships. Yet unconditional love is available to us through a relationship with God, but relationships require trust and each morning when we wake we are invited to step into His endless love. David had an intimate relationship with God where he prayed and opened himself up to God because of his trust in Him. Most of the time our prayer life revolves around what we want because we don’t really trust God enough to ask for what He wants. David’s trust in God allowed him to wake up each day and pray three things: Show Me, Rescue Me, and Teach Me. Do we trust in His perfect plan enough to give our life over to Him in our prayer life? Do we trust enough to say show me? Do we trust enough to really let Him rescue us? Do we trust enough to submit to His teaching?   What if our prayer started out each morning Show Me, Rescue Me, and Teach Me?  What if we started each day experiencing His unfailing love and opening our hearts to His leading, what if we followed our open hearts with open eyes going through the day expecting to see His leading, rescuing and teaching? Yet because of our trust issues our prayer life often starts with our minds already made up and our hearts closed to what God wants to say to us. The problem is that we don’t trust Him enough to let prayer change our opinion or our circumstances.

David’s prayer life consisted of crying out to God and asking God to show him the way he should go because David trusted in God enough to give himself over to Him. Do you want to know the way you should go or do you just want God to approve of the way you want to go? Have you given yourself to God or are you holding something back? Why would David ask God which way to go, shouldn’t he by now, as a man after God’s own heart, already know? But isn’t that how we approach life with God, walking with Him only long enough to get the instructions and then parting ways so we can go implement His plan alone. David understood that God’s way is doing life together, the goal isn’t instructions, its interaction. David acknowledges that it is God’s Spirit that leads us forward onto a firm footing. A firm footing or a solid foundation is built on trust and only when we have that can we really move forward.

David talks about running to God with his problems because he trusted God to hid and heal him. When I was a little kid and I was hurt I always ran to my mom because I trusted and believed that she would comfort me. Who you trust is where you will go with your problems and your pain. The reality is that all of us are hiding, either from God or in God. Is it time for you to trust? Today as you start your day will you pray:

“Lord, sometimes it seems that everything I touch I fail at so Lord today help me to feel your love for me. Show me the way I should go so that I don’t get lost and rescue me from ____________ as I am tired of fighting. Jesus come into my life and not only help me to feel your presence and your love but rescue me from the darkness that I am feeling right now. Lord please teach me your ways as I have failed at mine. Please put my feet on a firm footing as I feel lost and burdened. I do feel like I am tossed back and forth by the waves of life. I want to be secure in your presence. Lord forgive me for my sins and help me to forget my sin. I pray that the evil one would stop bringing up my past failures as you have already forgiven me. Jesus help me also to love others as you love me. Amen

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