Moments in the life of a Pastor

Walking with God


My parents are from England but moved to Africa where I was born. I lived in Southern Africa (Zambia, Botswana, South Africa) till I was 10 then my parents moved to the country of Oman in the middle East. I went to boarding school in England but visited them In Oman during the summers. When I graduated from high school in England I went to college in the USA.  My Wife grew up in Nebraska, born and raised in the same small town, but she did go away from home for college. If you think God doesn’t have a plan or a sense of humor we are living proof God brought us together at college in Arkansas!  She jokes that she got a mail order groom! I had to travel half way around the world over 4 continents to find her but I can tell you it was worth every mile! God has blessed us with 3 awesome kids. Her family still all live in Nebraska, mine well we are a little more spread out, one in Africa, one in England and me in the USA.

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  1. ThanK You For This Website. I Was Able To View & Hear The Service Today & Now I’m Exploring Other Wonderful Things! Although I’m Challenged A Bit Technologically I’m Happy To Be Finding What Is Included Here.

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