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Testimony To God’s Grace

Testimony To God’s Grace

In 1970 my parents left England for Zambia Africa it was there that God intersected their life through my birth I was sick and in desperation my mother called out to God to save me, He did and my parents were saved. They were baptized in Botswana Africa through a missionary couple from the USA. My brother and sister were baptized in Africa while I ended up being baptized later by the same missionaries back in the USA. Incidently God called me to be a Pastor in the USA. I find it crazy that God called a Pastor to leave the USA to share the gospel with a boy who God would then call as a Pastor to the USA! My Mom was 31 when I was born and she cried out to Jesus. When I was 31 she went to be with Jesus. I had the privilage of doing my moms funeral. In those 31 years God worked in my heart and and raised up the first Pastor in our family. I am so grateful for my families salvation and amazed that even though we are English none of us were Saved or baptized in England but if you give God time he can do anything. In the summer of 2011 I had the privilage of taking my wife and kids back to England where my dad and I baptized the first Armstrongs in our family.

Luke 1:37
“For nothing is impossible with God”

2 thoughts on “Testimony To God’s Grace

  1. Thanks for sharing your family’s story! God is good!

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