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Pandemic Perspective – Part 126 Trusting with all my heart

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Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. 

Many people want to know God’s Will for their life and most of the time the focus is on “God tell me so I can go do it”. What if the focus became God being the guide and leading us as we follow Him? But that would require trust and trust is a real problem in our society. Proverbs 3:5-6 are classic bible verses promising the Christian that God does guide, they start with us trusting in the Lord with all our heart, this means that we are willing to:

  • Get on Board

Before you can go sailing you have to get on board the boat, and that requires that you trust in both the boat and the captain. Getting on board is an act of faith and if you want to find God’s will you first have to put your trust in Him. In your heart you have to answer the question, “Is God trustworthy?” and “Am I willing to let God guide my life?”

In the Old Testament we have many examples of people of faith. Noah was a man of faith, and God told Noah to build a huge boat large enough to hold a zoo full of animals. Noah got on board with God’s plan because he trusted God. He began building the boat on dry land and he was obedient to God even though there was no large body of water around. By faith Noah was preparing for a flood, not because it looked like one was coming but because He believed God when he said one was. Noah and his family were laughed at by all in the community, at first trusting and following God seemed silly, but Noah trusted and continued to build by faith. To get on board requires trusting God with all of our heart, even when His plan doesn’t make sense. Many times we make halfhearted attempts to follow God simply because we do not fully trust Him. Jonah didn’t like God’s plan for His life so he tried to jump ship and head in a different direction. What ship are you on? 

  • Lean on Him

The natural out flow of trusting in God is leaning on Him. Often we will say we are trusting God but the practical reality is that we are still leaning on our own ability. In the sailing analogy this is setting the sail, trusting God is getting on board with His plan, but once we are on board we have to lean into His Will. Setting the sail takes it to the next level, it is acknowledging the Lord and surrendering to His will, this is putting our faith into action. There are some people who argue with God. “When God made me He made a big mistake!” “My life has no meaning.” There are others who get angry with God. They refuse to set the sail so they drift, going nowhere in life. Without God in your life your life has no ultimate purpose. You can only know God’s plan by accepting Him as Your guide and acknowledging Him as the Captain and Master of your life. A sailboat rudder is useless while the sails are down because without the wind filling the sails there is now power to direct our life and we are not really heading anywhere.  God provides the wind to fill the sails and give us momentum and direction in life. 

Sometimes God wants to change our course and when the wind changes we need to be ready to come bout. Sometimes we can feel His winds of change ahead of time but often they seem to catch us unaware but we are not unprepared because His wind always provides the needed forward momentum so the rudder can provide the change of course. But you can’t go any direction until the wind fills the sails. There are some people who refuse to alter their course even when they know that God is making it clear that it’s time to go in a new direction. You can’t afford to hang onto some good thing you have now, and run the risk of missing God’s best. Sometimes out on the sea of life the fog rolls in and we get confused, there are all sorts of voices shouting orders into the night, telling us what to do, how to adjust our lives. Out of the darkness, one voice signals something quite opposite to the rest, something almost absurd. Will we listen and allow God to fill the sail of our life?

  • Follow His lead

He will make your paths straight, he will direct your steps. God gives you the privilege of making choices, and He gives you the choice to follow His will. When it comes to listening to the captain the wheel that controls the direction of your life is in your hands. Will you take hold of the wheel that controls the rudder and steer your life following God as your guide? Think back to five years ago, would you have dreamed five years ago that you would be doing now what you are doing today? Would you have anticipated world events or economic changes that are happening now? God knew, it was not a surprise to Him. Are you fearful about your future? Is it time to give your future to God? Will you follow His lead living one day at a time, completely surrendered to His will? Here is the key, don’t lean on your understanding, trust God, and acknowledge that He is the One who is working in your life. Don’t give God half-hearted trust, give Him whole-hearted trust, it’s time to get on board.

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