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Pandemic Perspective – Part 1 God is in Control

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This morning I got up a little earlier than normal because I just needed a little more time with Jesus. As I filled my lungs with the cold crisp mountain air I looked up and there they were the stars shining in the darkness. The moon light dancing on the mountain and somewhere in the distance the call of coyotes and it hit me, creation wasn’t freaking out it was speaking out. Reminding me that God was still in control. I realized in that moment that this pandemic wasn’t my problem but rather my solution. You see it stripped away all the layers of false control, my job, my money, my supplies, did I have enough toilet paper! My real problem was where had I built my house. Where had I built my life, was it really on the ROCK of Matthew 7 or was this storm just washing away the grains of a false safety? And as each of these false sands of safety failed, I was forced to ask what had I really been living for? Am I thankful for a pandemic, no but I am thankful for the perspective this pandemic brings. That life is not about surviving but about truly living. In that moment I was confronted with the question what would I do with this breath of fresh air I had not paid for but had been freely given by a God who LOVES me? Would I waste it on worry or invest it in words of worship? So, I at 4am I chose to breath words of praise in the midst of the problems. Because in this moment as I breathed out praise, I was reminded of the reality that we are ALL going to die. That the real tragedy is not death but that we might never truly live. You see some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. As Norman Cousins said, “The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.” My safety is not in sand but in a Savior, who died for me. So today I chose to invest this lung full of air in praise. I choose to look around and invest once again in love. Its Monday morning the beginning of the work week yet most of us are currently unemployed. What does our week even look like now? What is our real purpose? Have we been wasting our life living for the weekend instead of living to worship? Parents this pandemic reminds us of a reality we may have forgotten, that we are called to be the real educators of our kids not a system. That we get to partner with teachers not complain about them. Maybe for the first time in our history kids are missing going to school and parents are missing their work! So today go have fun with your kids if you can, use this time as a gift to play with your kids. Our current system affords little time for play which is strange considering that during a child’s greatest growth and development they primarily play. Learn to laugh not because you don’t have problems but because you are alive. Start living for love not for a weekend.  Who do you know that needs an encouraging word today? I have friends who right now are battling cancer. Call and encourage someone today. Look for someone to love. Be intentional, make a meal for a trucker or a healthcare worker and their family that you know. Right now, they are working long hours. Pay the rent for a widow who is currently unemployed. Whatever you do, focus on someone other than You. Let’s do what we should have been doing all along LOVING our neighbor. What will you do with the breath you are given today? I’m choosing to live in love not fear.

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