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8. Worshipping Wrong Gods in The Right Way – Part 1

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Exodus 20:1-3 “Then God gave the people all these instructions: “I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery.You must not have any other god but me.”

As we continue in our series “Relationship not Rules” we come to the first commandment, “You must not have any other god but me.” The 10 commandments deal with the two most important issues every person will face, our relationship with God and our relationship with each other. The first four commandments deal with our relationship to God while the last six deal with our relationship with each other. On the surface the first two commandments appear to be the same. But the first deals with worshipping other things in the way we should have been worshipping God, by making them a greater priority than anything else in life. The second deals with worshipping the right God in the wrong way by trying to use things to represent him that are less than He is. Israel’s problematic relationship with God is similar in scope to what we see in our society today. God rarely had first place in their lives, which is the starting point for a healthy relationship with God. God’s first command starts with:

  1. A Proclamation

“I am the Lord.”This is a statement of the reality of God. For centuries scientists and philosophers have tried to ‘establish’ the existence of God. But nowhere does the Bible make an attempt to prove God’s existence. The Bible simply asserts His existence. Genesis 1:1 proclaims, “In the beginning God…” So how is God’s existence known so emphatically without concrete proof?

  1. By Creation.

Psalms 19:1 declares: “The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.” And Romans 1:20 says: For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.”

We can see the invisible Creatorby looking at His visible creation. Everything in creation bears the stamp ‘made by God.’ This is true regardless of whether you are looking only with your eyes or thru a microscope, or a telescope.When you look through a microscope you can view a single cell, but even though it is tiny in size one single living cell is more complicated than an entire city. Imagine millions of people running to and fro, all the network cables, lights, cars, rats, etc. A city is a complicated place but not as complex as a single cell. Our cells are more intricate and yet there are still those who say it all happened by accident instead of design. With a telescope you can look at the vast universe, where light travels 186,000 miles per second. In comparison the space shuttle was able to fly at up to 17,000 mph, but that is less than 5 miles per second. Light makes it from earth to the moon in 2 seconds, and then in a matter of minutes it passes the inner planets, and in a couple of hours it’s out of our solar system. But how long does it take it to get to the closest star to us? 4 years at that speed! But that’s just one of billions of stars in our galaxy, which is one of billions of known galaxies. Should we believe this just happened by chance? When I look at my watch Its obvious to me that there must have been a designer and a maker. When you look at my house you say there must’ve been a designer and a builder. So too creation cries out and points to its Creator and yet the evolutionist closes their ears. Replacing the truth of the Creator with time and chance. But it’s not just creation that declares the Creator but also the:

  1. Conscience.

Go back as far as you want in human history, and you’ll see that mankind has always had a need to worship. There has never been a people group anywhere in the world, from the jungles of Africa to frozen tundra of the Artic, that was not engaged in some kind of worship. While they may not have been worshiping the true God, they were worshiping something. Why? Because man has a built in need to worship. It’s a universal hunger placed in the human heart by its Creator God. Not only do we have a hunger for food, and water but also for relationship. We have an innate need to worship because God has written it on the wall of every human heart: “There is a God.” Psalms 53:1Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.”Those who believe that are atheists and they claim to believe in nothing. But that’s not entirely true, for even the atheist worships something. They just find something else to replace God with. Many become radical environmentalists who worship the world. We all want to have a cause, something bigger than us and often those who say we are killing the planet are actually worshiping the planet! They are doing what Paul said they would do in Romans: worshiping the creation rather than the Creator, Romans 1:25 “They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.”Some stare at the stars looking to astrology for answers. Or they read their horoscopes looking for direction because they have denied the deity. Even though they don’t want to acknowledge God, they still need something! Maybe a movie star or a rock star or a sports star, because they have rejected the Bright and Morning Star! Their real problem is not in their head, it’s in their heart. “The fool says in their heart.” It’s not a mental problem it’s a moral problem. When you waive off the waitress at the end of your meal saying, ‘no dessert’… you aren’t denying the existence of dessert, just saying no to having it yourself. In truth it’s not God they don’t like as much as having to be accountable to God. The reality is that Atheism is a religion. Not only does it go against the second law of thermodynamics, but it also fails to follow the scientific method which says it has to be observable. As to date no one has observe a species becoming another species. As a religion Atheism has never dispelled fear from a troubled heart. It has never dried the tears of a broken heart. It has never given peace to a tormented heart. And then at the end of their life they die and lie in a casket all dressed up with no place to go [supposedly]. Both creation and conscience cry out to God the question is are you listening?


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