Moments in the life of a Pastor

Walking with God


12 Rest in the Rock

Psalm 62:1-2 My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

As David wrote this Psalm He was dealing with the rebellion of his son, Absalom who was trying to take over the kingdom. This was a pit experience, a low place in his life, the king running for his life from his own son, yet we see his attitude anchored in the Almighty not his terrible situation. Davids focus was on his Father, and because God was his defense he was not destroyed. David speaks of that sweet soul rest that is found only in Christ regardless of the circumstances. He could rest because he was in the refuge of the Redeemer. So often we focus on the forces against us and our own failure instead of the Father yet when we remember His hand of power we too can hold on because we know help is on the way. If you have ever worried, and I know just like me there have probably been plenty of worry warts in your walk, then you know that nothing wears us out more than worry. Worry leaves us worked up and worn down and the only antidote I know to worry is worship. Yet true worship finds itself resting in the Redeemer not the results. So many of us try to worship God by wrestling in prayer for the results, missing the Redeemer and consequently the rest. We pray for God to change this or heal that, for Him to fix this or remove that, but rest is not found in the results it is found in the Redeemer alone. David didn’t just rest he rested in God alone because rest is found in the Redeemer alone. Trust in anything other than Christ is a counterfeit trust. Only a confident trust in Christ will allow your soul to find rest in the trouble and turmoil.
David understood that God alone is the Rock, our only real refuge, He is our only security in an unsafe world. God alone is our salvation, our only deliverer, not possessions or people. So often we try to trust in money and material things instead of the Messiah but God alone is our fortress He is our only security in the storm. Resting in our Savior allows us to be steadfast and stable regardless of the situation. Today we need to remember that the Redeemer is not just a good shelter in the storm He is the only secure shelter. The word rest in this verse refers to a quiet waiting on God. When we are worried and worked up it seems that the last thing we want to do is wait, yet its in the waiting that we learn to depend on Him alone to deliver. Often instead of quiet waiting in the presence of the Father our lives are characterized by a frantic restlessness. We see waiting as a waste yet its in the waiting that our soul gets to stop and experience that peace place of rest. Isaiah 40:31 says that those who “WAIT” upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Do you worry or wait? Our Redeemer is our only source of real rest and Isaiah paints for us the incredible contrast between trusting in Christ verses circumstance. One is worn out filled with worry the other soars effortlessly on wings like an eagle. Rest involves a renewal of strength, real rest, what I have come to call Redeemer rest, allows us to run and not grow weary, to walk without fainting and falling, even to soar on wings. Trusting in our circumstances leads to us crashing, but trusting in Christ allows us to continue regardless of the circumstance. Today what is your reality, worn or wings? Turning to Christ, resting in Him regardless of the circumstance results in a confident trust in the trials. Our Redeemer is our Rock and our Refuge, that inaccessible place to problems, our refuge and release from the worry. Yet so often we chose to surround ourselves with our own solutions instead of spending time with the Savior. We choose the struggle instead of the still calm of Christ. I love the words to the hymn “lead me to the Rock” it says, “…when my heart is overwhelmed… lead me to the rock, lead me to the rock that’s higher than I.” Let me remind all of us and especially those in spiritual leadership that we will all be overwhelmed during various stages of our lives. Even you the super spiritual leader, there will be situations in this life that will reveal that your not the super pastor you might think you are. As I write this devotion I am sitting on the beach listing to the endless crash of the waves. Those relentless waves of water, receding only to come rushing back again and again. At first they seem inviting even invigorating, but those beautiful blue waters can be deceptively deep, as we find ourselves being pulled further out in their powerful undertow. Only to be overwhelmed, surged over in the strong surf. We struggle with each pounding wave, pulling and pushing us under, swallowing and submerging us. Maybe today you find yourself engulfed inundated in emotional confusion, sinking in the hurts and disappointment, deadlines, financial burdens, illness. It seems like the endless waves just keep coming, crashing into you, unrelenting, one trial after another. In the currents of our circumstances we fight, we strategize, we cry and at times we want to give up. In our crushing circumstances when we feel overwhelmed and overcome, God has a place that He wants to lead us to. You don’t have to sink in the sea of your circumstance, when the pressure seems to much to bear, when you’re far out and floundering remember that your Father is there. It is the reassuring rest of our Rock and Redeemer that rescues us from the relentless rip tides of life. Maybe today you need to stop struggling and simply sing “lead me to the rock” the Rock that is higher than me. Today are you resting in the refuge of your Redeemer?