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BBQ Sauce

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What to do with the last 15 pounds of this seasons tomatoes, we have plenty of salsa and spaghetti so a friend suggested BBQ sauce. At first I thought why make bbq sauce you don’t use that much, it looked like a lot of work and was probably just easier to buy. But I thought why not try it at least once. It was work, not hard just time consuming but it was definitely worth it and it will be on the menu next year.

After cooking and softening the tomatoes they were joined with oinion, celery, sweet peppers, chilie peppers and garlic to simmer together.

This mix was all pressed through a food mill and the juice returned to the stove to simmer and reduce by half.

Once it was reduced by half it was time for the second batch of ingredients, vinegar, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce, salt, paprika, dry mustard and black pepper. Then back to the stove to reduce by half again. It took 6 hours and only yielded 3 pints but it was worth it, winter and ribs will never be the same!

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