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1. Its Gardening Time! Preparing the soil.

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Preparing the Spot

It’s that time of the year, Spring is here and gardening time is just around the corner. This year preparing the garden comes with a new twist, its time to move the garden spot and build a new one! Even with fertilizer its good to move things around every couple of years. Fortunately this year I have help from my youngest gardener Olivia and her 1958 Massey Tractor!

Moving things around does create a lot more work but the upside is you can design your new garden spot from the ground up! This year we are going to do a 60′ by 25′ plot which should be big enough for all the regular goodies, and one 25′ by 30′ for the vines Melons, Cantaloupe.

Preparing The Soil

In order to grow good vegetables you need good soil and rarely do you just find good soil most of the time it needs somethings added and then worked. Its a little bit like us in order to grow and bear fruit we need to let God prepare us. Now a garden of this size does require a fair amount of fertilizer I prefer organic horse manure one large dump truck did the trick. Remember the goal in growing your own vegetables is not only to have fun and get your hands dirty but for me it’s also to keep costs down, so watch those imput costs. If you know horse people you can usually work out a deal with them (thanks Randy). The fence was all reclaimed from a friends yard project (thanks Bill).  Make sure you work the soil and manure over well too much manure in one spot can burn plants.


So now we are ready to plant which in our area needs to wait a little longer to make sure we are out of frost. This gives us time to decide what we want to plant. Plant what you like and also think about things you can enjoy through the summer fresh and also what you can put up to enjoy through the winter. Our family really enjoys salsa so tomatoes and peppers are a must.  This year some of the must haves will be

  • Potatoes – Yokon Gold
  • Onions Yellow and Red
  • Peppers Sweet banana, Red, Yellow, and Green
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickling cucumbers
  • Cucumbers
  • Corn
  • Water Melon
  • Cantaloupe

Next time we will discuss planting when, where, and how I trust you will have fun with your garden this year because above all its about having fun.

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